Waste Water Treatment

Perlemax has engaged with AECOM Design Build for industrial scale limited trials in Sale, Manchester and Rosslare, Ireland. The attached factsheet shows results from a third, anonymous full scale implementation. Due to the retreat of AECOM from the UK design build sector, Perlemax no longer licenses wastewater aeration through AECOM, but still enjoys good relations.

In these trials, we utilised our patented Tesar-Zimmerman Fluidic Oscillator microbubble generation method which we fitted neatly into existing air blowing ducts and, after rearranging piping, we completed a successful test retrofit of the existing air diffusers.

Although each situation is different, we have certainly observed ~40% decrease in air flows when the bypass is switched off, and dissolved oxygen feedback control responds to the immediately higher aeration efficiency of fluidic oscillation through the same pipework and diffusers used for steady flow.

A recent full scale implementation of a large fluidic oscillator — a retrofitted WWA plant — installed the capacity for 2400 cubic metres per hour air flow through the existing membrane slit diffuser array. It achieved a 90% improvement in mass transfer coefficient (kLa). Preliminary results showed that an 81% increase in wasterwater throughput was met with an 18% decrease in electricity usage. Read about the highlights in this one page flier:

DownloadWastewater aeration retrofitted with the new Desai-Zimmerman fluidic oscillator design

Download Fullscale WWT Field Trial Factsheet PDF

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