About Perlemax

Perlemax is the development company for Professor William Zimmerman’s technologies focussed on microbubbles. Currently there are two created techniques, which will impact many different processes, through improving yields, cutting power consumption or allowing new techniques to be realized.


Micron-sized bubbles can have a quite dramatic effect on mass transfer in a gas to a liquid medium. Through new technology, Perlemax is able to engineer a process to precipitate dramatic changes in what can be expected or sought from conventional reactors.

Plasma Microreactors

Perlemax has successfully utilised plasma microreactor as for ozone generation, which has wide uses as a disinfection agent in wastewater treatment amongst other processes. The dosing of plasma activated microbubbles into liquids achieves the production of free radicals without the need for ozone as an intermediate.

Professor Will Zimmerman

Professor William BJ Zimmerman CEng FIChemE is the Professor of Biochemical Dynamical Systems at the University of Sheffield. He has studied at Princeton and Stanford before the award of his chair at Sheffield in 2004.

He has been awarded the following recent awards:

Registered Address

Registered in England and Wales
Company Number 07369873
VAT Number 109 9413 07

Royal SocietyBrian Mercer Award for Innovation 2010
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Algae Growth & Harvesting

Investigate the feasibility of growing microalgae using CO2 rich steel plant exhaust gas.

Biorefining Operations

Microbubble distillation and fermentation have great promise as unit operations in biorefining.

Anaerobic Digestion

Explore how Perlemax is perfecting a method to break down plant and animal materials by microorganisms in the absence of oxygen.


Examine how our new Ozone Generators can save 80-90% energy costs compared to the traditional generators.

Waste Water Treatment

Analyze the use of novel micro bubble technology to improve energy efficiency for the Waste Water Treatment industry.