Adoption of ozone for water and wastewater treatment is deterred due to the fact that it is very capital intensive and a very large user of power.

The Perlemax dosing lance has been successfully trialed on operational water (e.g. wastewater treatment plant final effluent) with the ability to remove all endocrine disrupters. Greater efficiencies are possible with Ozone generated in situ using microbubbles.

Added to the attraction of these savings, our dosing lance creates a strong Ultra Violet (UV) “killing zone” while operating at low voltage with very high conversion and at atmospheric pressure.

We see great opportunities due not only to the scale of saving but due to the increasing need in many sectors (particularly in the developing world) to break down organic molecules (such as pesticides and endocrine disruptors) as well as function as a disinfection.

By integrating plasma sources into their microbubble delivery systems Perlemax can utilise the immense possibilities of this emerging technology. Plasma technology can use electrical energy to create active chemistry from abundant, ever-present raw materials such as ambient air and water. Perlemax’s custom made plasma sources are designed with low cost, low power, and high versatility in mind. Our numerous designs can be adapted for a wide variety of applications, previous applications
include: water and wastewater treatment, hydrogen generation, sustainable biomass upgrading, microbial culture harvesting, textile water treatment, landfill leachate treatment, sterilisation, heavy metal detection, and breakdown of water pollutants

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Algae Growth & Harvesting

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Biorefining Operations

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Anaerobic Digestion

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Examine how our new Ozone Generators can save 80-90% energy costs compared to the traditional generators.

Waste Water Treatment

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